Character: What does it take to lead?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

In the first show of our new magazine-style podcast, The 2X CEO, we're starting with the most important part of the Launchpad2X program: developing the mindset of a CEO.

Episode 1: What a VC fund manager looks for

Chenxi Wang founded Rain Capital in June 2018, a venture capital firm that specializes in early stage cybersecurity and AI companies. While most women feel they have to be perfect or know it all before they start something new, Chenxi thinks knowing it all is boring.

Episode 2: Why confidence is so important As an angel investor, Bernie Dixon realized that women didn't have the same access to capital as men. That inspired to start Launchpad2X. Women are just as capable—and, analyses shows, often better. Here's her take on what women need to succeed and how to develop it.

Coming Tuesday, March 19

Episode 3: Embracing your authentic leadership style Kara Smith-Brown led her 2-year old agency past the $1MM revenue mark, putting Smith Brown Marketing among the top two percent of women-owned companies. She talks about how she shed pressure to be soft spoken and came to embrace her naturally bold, outspoken leadership style. Coming Wednesday, March 20

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